How Much Venmo Person To Person Limit?


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Venmo, a popular mobile payment service, allows users to easily send and receive money, making it a convenient tool for splitting bills, sharing costs, and more. However, to manage risk and ensure the security of transactions, Venmo imposes certain limits on the amount of money users can send to one another. This article provides an in-depth look at the Venmo Person To Person Limit, offering clarity on how these limits can impact your transactions and how you can potentially increase them.

What Are the Venmo Person To Person Limits?

Venmo’s person-to-person limits are designed to protect the platform and its users from fraud while providing sufficient flexibility for most day-to-day transactions. For users who have completed identity verification, Venmo offers increased sending limits.

  • Unverified Users: Typically, Venmo allows unverified users to send up to $299.99 per week. This limit includes person-to-person payments, payments to authorized merchants, and Venmo Mastercard transactions.
  • Verified Users: Once you verify your identity with Venmo, which involves providing your full name, date of birth, Social Security Number, and address, your Venmo sending limit is boosted significantly. Verified users can send up to $4,999.99 per week to other Venmo users.

How to Verify Your Identity on Venmo

Verifying your identity not only increases your sending limits but also enhances the security of your account. Follow these steps to verify your identity on Venmo:

  1. Open the Venmo app on your mobile device.
  2. Tap the "You" tab, represented by a single person icon.
  3. Go to the Settings gear in the top right corner.
  4. Under Settings, find and select “Identity Verification.”
  5. Complete the required fields with your personal information and submit the form.
Verification typically takes a few minutes but can take longer if the information needs to be reviewed manually by Venmo staff.

Increasing Your Venmo Sending Limit

If you find that the standard verified limit does not meet your needs, you may have options to increase it further:

  • Regular Use and Good Standing: Regular use of Venmo and maintaining your account in good standing can naturally lead to eligibility for higher limits. Venmo periodically reviews accounts and may increase Venmo limits based on your account activity and history.
  • Direct Deposit Setup: Users who set up direct deposit into their Venmo account may be eligible for higher transaction limits. This feature not only provides faster access to funds but also reassures Venmo of the legitimacy and regular use of the account.
  • Contact Venmo Support: If your specific needs exceed the usual limits, contacting Venmo support directly can help. They may be able to provide solutions tailored to your situation.

Important Considerations for Managing Your Venmo Limits

Understanding a few key aspects can help you manage your Venmo limits effectively:

  • Reset Timing: Venmo's weekly spending limit resets on a rolling basis, calculated as a week from the date of your first transaction. Keeping track of this can help you plan large payments without hitting your limit.
  • Transaction Monitoring: Regularly monitor your transactions. Venmo provides a detailed transaction history that can help you track how close you are to reaching your limit.
  • Security Measures: Always ensure that your Venmo account is secured with a strong password and two-factor authentication. Secure practices not only protect your funds but also prevent unauthorized use that could affect your transaction limits.


Q1: Can Venmo change its limits?

Yes, Venmo periodically updates its limits based on regulatory requirements and its operational needs. It's advisable to check their official website or app settings for the most current information.

Q2: Are there different limits for different types of transactions?

Yes, Venmo sets different limits for person-to-person transactions, merchant transactions, and Venmo Mastercard debit card purchases.

Q3: How quickly does the increase in limits take effect after verification?

Increases in limits are typically effective immediately upon successful identity verification.

Q4: Does receiving money count towards my Venmo limit?

No, only the money you send impacts your weekly rolling limit.

Q5: What should I do if my transaction is declined due to limit issues?

Review your account limits and transaction history. If you believe it’s an error, contact Venmo support for assistance.

Understanding and managing your Venmo Person To Person Limit is crucial for making the most of your Venmo experience, ensuring you can make transactions smoothly and securely.

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