A bit of love for Wiley X

Edd Parker

New member
I love Wiley x sunglasses. First, they had sunglasses that fit on my face. Second, these are polarized and great for fishing. Third, they’re safety-rated, so they’re good shooting glasses, Plus if I don’t have my standard safety glasses at work, they do just fine.

After a few years of having my most recent pair, the lenses got bubbling. I guess one of the layers was delamination or whatever. Couldn’t find replacement lenses in polarized, so I called SEG to see if they had some for sale. They had me send them in and replace the lenses at no cost. Sweet!

That was last year. This past week, I noticed the arm was bent at a weird angle in the middle. Closer inspection showed it had broken and the rubber was holding the arm together. Emailed SEG (SafetyEyeGlasses) and they called to ask if that was the only damage. I confirmed and they sent me new arms.

Yeah, they’re a bit pricey, but damn if they don’t stand behind their stuff.