Australia Visa from Pakistan

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Are you a Pakistani citizen who wants to get a visa for your trip to Australia? is here to make the process easy for you! Our focus is to provide hassle-free facilitation of Australian visa from Pakistan .

Australia Visa from Pakistan

If you are a Pakistani citizen planning to travel to Australia, obtaining an Australian visitor visa is an essential step. Our guide provides comprehensive details on the application process, requirements and costs, specifically tailored for Pakistani citizens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a visitor visa to Australia?

A: An Australian visitor visa (subclass 600) allows for tourist activities in Australia. Although an embassy interview is not usually required, additional information may be requested over the phone. This visa, electronically attached to your passport, contains basic travel and personal information.

Q: Do Pakistani nationals need a visitor visa to Australia?
A: Yes, Pakistani nationals planning to visit Australia must obtain an Australian visitor visa. This visa allows multiple entries, enabling travelers to explore the country's attractions, engage in tourist activities and visit family or friends. However, work-related activities are not permitted under this visa.

Q: How long is a visitor's visa valid?
A: The visa is valid for 3 years, allowing a 3, 6, or 12 month stay based on the applicant's date of stay. It allows multiple entries during its validity.

Q: What types of visas are available for Pakistani citizens?
A: Pakistani nationals can also apply for business, work, and working holiday visas for specific purposes. Contact your local Australian embassy for more details and eligibility criteria.

Q: What are the eligibility criteria for Pakistani nationals applying for an Australian visa?
A: To increase your chances of approval, it is very important to meet the requirements set by the Australian Government. These include demonstrating intent to stay, financial sufficiency, meeting health standards, and keeping a clean record.

Q: What is the application procedure for Australian visas for Pakistani citizens?
A: Our user-friendly application process streamlines visa application for Pakistani citizens. Just fill the form, pay the fee securely, upload the documents, attend biometric appointments, and wait for the government's response.

Q: What are the Australian visa costs and processing times for Pakistani citizens?
A: Fees vary based on nationality. Starting your application with ensures compliance with government requirements, expert guidance throughout the process, and a smooth application experience.

Australian Visitor Visa Application Requirements

Pakistani citizens must meet the eligibility criteria and provide the necessary documents:

Valid passport with personal details and immigration stamp.
Financial evidence indicating sufficient funds.
Evidence of health assessment.
Clear criminal record and character requirements.
Financial requirements for Pakistani citizens

Ensure that the financial documents show a minimum closing balance of AUD $5,000 per applicant for an Australian visitor visa.

Australian Travel Tips for Pakistani Citizens

Embrace cultural differences with respect.
Be prepared for the weather; Research the climate of your destination.
Consider currency exchange and banking options.
Explore transport and accommodation options in advance.
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